Welcome to Arcanoria Games

Welcome to the latest incarnation of Arcanoria Games!

Arcanoria started out as a MMORPG project back in January 2007, using various technologies over the years, including Ogre, Torque, and Zen Engine.

Although a lot of development was done, nothing was ever released, and we set our sites on smaller projects.

This has eventually led us here, to our new website.  Here is a short list of our smaller projects that we’ve been mostly focused on recently:

  1. Game music and sound FX – using Cakewalk Sonar X2, Native Instruments Komplete 8, AAS Modeling Collection, Waves Diamond
  2. 3D modeling – Lightwave 3D, L3DT terrain generator, Ultimate Unwrap 3D, Blender 3D
  3. And perhaps some actual game development, using Unity 3D and MS Visual Studio 2012 (C#)

We will have more to tell about these soon.  Stay tuned!


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