Arcanoria Chronicles Hits Back Burner

new project
new game development project - december 2016

I was really hoping to have something more to show by the end of last year (2015) on Arcanoria Chronicles. But you know how it goes for us lone wolf developer types. “Stuff came up”. Unfortunately, it’s been on my back burner all year this year (2016). So this post is kinda old news already!

I’m going to call this a post-mortem at this point. But before I moved on to “other things”, I did manage to make Arcanoria Chronicles into a demo that includes the following:

  • randomized runtime dungeon generation, using Aegon Games’ DunGen
  • interactive branching conversations with NPCs, using Pixel Crushers’ Dialogue System
  • usable transportation portals between adventuring areas
  • dynamic NPC avatars with fully customized face/body, using UMA
  • wearable armor and weapons, mostly by WillB Game Art
  • a working home-grown inventory system
  • and more! (TM)

What’s Next?

So anyway, yeah, Arcanoria Chronicles is on the back burner for now. Not sure if I’ll be picking it up again any time soon. Maybe I will if there seems to be public interest! But I’m certainly going to be stealing ideas and code for other projects in the future. If you’re going to steal ideas, you may as well steal from yourself whenever possible.

In fact, I’ve already stolen many of those ideas for “other projects” earlier this year. However, I was not really at liberty to speak about those projects at the time. Suffice it to say that I joined a team that wasn’t specifically game related, but was still able to use and adapt some of the same code base that I’ve been developing over the years in my own projects. My code and work definitely benefited the team, but it’s now time for me to focus back on my own game development work.

Speaking of which… here’s a quick teaser screenshot from a project I just started this week. My first solo game dev project in a long while! I’d love to hear what you think, as always. 🙂

new project
new game development project – december 2016

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