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CyberGhost (RPG)

CyberGhost is not yet playable, but you can Preview CyberGhost for free on!


CyberGhost is a web-playable role-playing game, set in “the matrix”, in the near future.  The game uses the Unity web player plugin, which works in most browsers, and is cross-platform compatible.  CyberGhost was initially created for the Cyberpunk Game Jam in March 2014, but continued in development after the jam ended.

In CyberGhost, you play as a newly formed Artificial Intelligence (AI), in a struggle for life and self-determination against powerful adversaries. You will have to make hard choices in pursuit of your quest, infiltrate the megacorps ruthlessly (via puzzle mini-games), and engage in tactical combat… to the death!


The game includes 3 character classes (Samurai, Ninja, Sorcerer), as well as a detailed character attributes system (i.e. stealth, speed, power, resilience, essence, etc.) and skills system (spells/abilities for specific situations) that the player can customize via choices made during game play.

One of the key technical innovations of CyberGhost will promote game replayability by changing some of the “under the hood” success formulas each time a new game is started. This means that different strategies will be more or less effective each time you play!


  • Produced by Walt Collins (Arcanor) of Waltenstein Productions, including original music, programming, game system design and graphics.
  • Game engine: Unity3D
  • IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Professional
  • UnityVS by SyntaxTree
  • NGUI and HUD Text by Tasharen Entertainment
  • NPC/AI models created dynamically by UMA (Fernando Ribeiro)
  • UMA Power Tools and Recipe Tools by UnLogick Factory
  • (MMO)RPG Camera and Controller by John Stairs
  • Player Character models by Mixamo, Robin S., and Unity Technologies.
  • Character animations by Mixamo.
  • A* (AStar) Pathfinding adapted from implementation by Aron Granberg
  • Master Audio by Dark Tonic Inc.
  • Skyscrapers Set models by Steven Craeynest
  • City Low Poly models by dactilardesign
  • Street lights models by VIS Games
  • Street Models by Istvan Szalai
  • Dark City pack by Manufactura K4 (Michael O.)
  • Substances by Allegorithmics

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