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Arcanoria Revelations – The Portal Weavers is our upcoming FREE TO PLAY (no paid restrictions on class, progression, or gear) MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) title. Arcanoria Revelations places the Arcanoria medieval fantasy mythos into a 2.5D ARPG (Action Role Playing Game) format.

In The Land Of Arcanoria…

Features Planned for Initial Pre-Alpha Testing Release:

Arcanoria Revelations
Project begun in December 2016
  • Six original character classes (Gladiator, Scrapper, Zephyr, Whisper, Conjurer, Harbinger), with unique skills and abilities
  • Player driven character customization and progression, with a main quest campaign, plus additional optional side quests
  • Faction Reputation system, with numerous factions represented, and cumulative in-game effects like:
    • Friendly factions may offer access to:
      • Faction-specific vendors and items
      • New quests and bounties
      • Hidden dungeons/areas
    • Unfriendly factions will do more to oppose you in an encounter, including:
      • Larger/denser mob size
      • Additional chances for elite or heroes in each enemy mob
  • Play through the story three times, with progressive difficulty (Tourist, Adventurer, Champion)
  • Engaging original story detailing the struggle to deal with the evil and destructive invaders that have been coming through numerous magical portals that have appeared throughout the land. Featuring some intriguing, yet flawed non-player characters, fateful player choices, and surprising plot twists.
  • League play, with Standard or Hardcore default options
  • Original music, by composer Walt Collins

Features Planned for Future Releases:

  • Character class skill refinements and additions
  • In-game item trading interface
  • Shared bank with secure item storage for all your characters
  • Party system for cooperative group play
  • Social: Friends lists, Clan groups
  • Player vs. Player Arena
  • In-game integrated auction house
  • Completing the main quest line in Champion difficulty unlocks a new difficulty level (Voyager), with unique end-game voyages to progress your characters even further
  • Achievements system
  • Leaderboards for Hardcore leagues, as well as Tournaments, Challenge leagues, Race leagues
  • Additional league types, such as Tournament, Challenge and Race leagues with specific modifications to the normal game play rules, while offering unique items and exclusive rewards.

Tech Stuff

If you’re a game developer, you may be interested in some of the additional details below…

Custom Backend Services

Arcanoria Revelations uses our own custom platform for backend services, leveraging the power and reliability of PostgreSQL along with our own custom C# and SQL code. Our home-grown backend platform will provide many services, including:

  • Server management and coordination

    Login panel
    Login panel
  • Database access for server processes
  • User account registration and login authentication
  • Game character management, with multiple character slots per user account
  • Treasure generation system and game economy
  • Virtual goods purchasing (vanity items, not pay to win!)

Component Asset Packages

Our game client and servers for Arcanoria Revelations are created with the Unity 3D game engine. We integrate many different art assets and scripting packages, as well as our own in-house developed code and media. Some of the packages we borrowed from, customized, and/or adapted for this project include:

  • Barebones (alvyxaz) – Master Server Framework
  • Adam Goodrich – Gaia
  • Protofactor models
  • Unity Networking (UNET)
  • Opsive – Behavior Designer
  • Opsive – Third Person Controller
  • echo17 – SimpleSQL
  • Moodkie – Easy Save 2
  • Ilya Novikov – UIWidgets
  • 3dFoin – Fantasy Interface
  • TextMesh Pro