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Arcanoria is an online medieval fantasy role-playing game we’ve been developing since January 2007.  It is our “flagship” game project, and is extremely large in scope.  The project is currently on the “back burner”, pending completion of other smaller projects, and acquisition of additional resources.


  • Five playable character races, and seven unique character classes, each with unique spells/powers and combat abilities.
  • Detailed character development
  • Constant online player interaction, including real-time chatting, social groups, and both cooperative and player-versus-player (PVP) game play interactions.
  • Large multi-zone persistent world, with many different stories, plots and quests that unfold during game play.
  • Many non-player characters (NPCs) in the game world – some friend, some foe.
  • Huge treasure/loot system generating vast quantities of valuables, weapons, armor, and other equipment and consumables.
  • Game will be playable using recent versions of Windows.  We also hope to add new clients for Mac and Linux soon.


Technologies used in game development include:

  • Unity 3D (game engine)
  • UnityPark Suite (network layer)
  • PostgreSQL (database engine)

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