Avatar Editor… umm, Editing

Since the last update I’ve been focused mostly on creating an avatar editor.  I figure it’s looking pretty good for now, and wanted to post a quick update about it.  UMA (see previous blog post for more about UMA) has been everything I’d hoped for, and lets me customize the character avatar through code.  The avatar editor in Arcanoria now supports male/female avatars, including 5 races with distinctive gender and racial characteristics.  The races are: Human, Elf, Norse, Dwarf, and Gnome.  Here are some of the differences, at a high level:

  • Humans are average height and build.
  • Elves are taller and thinner than Humans.  Elves have no facial hair, and have pointed ears.
  • Norse are between Elves and Humans in height, but with broader build.
  • Dwarves are a little shorter than Humans, and broader, especially in the arms.
  • Gnomes are shorter than Dwarves, with no facial hair, and pointed ears.
  • Female characters are slightly shorter than male characters.

Here’s a quick screenshot for now.  I hope to post a video soon that will show the avatar editor in more detail.

avatar editor v2 - 2014-02-28_15-42-03


So... what do you think?