Pesticide Patrol – pre-alpha

early prototype screenshot of Don't Bug Me!

My little experiment with in-game grid systems is coming along nicely.  It’s now an actual game, with actual gameplay.  Here’s a feature list of things already implemented:

  • Audio: combat sound FX, voiceover audio clips, and original background music (edited clip of Electric Strut)
  • Gameplay: increasing level of difficulty as you complete each level
  • UI screens: splash, welcome, settings, play, level complete, game over
  • debris rocks (allow for more tactical choices during play)
  • simple RPG storyline

I’ve got a plan for further development, but I’m not sure how far I want to take it.  Here is a short list of prospective game features that are not yet implemented:

  • ability to pause for a turn (and let the bugs move)
  • add more debris types (small trees/bushes, possibly multi-cell debris)
  • add consumables, like health potions, speed potions, pesticide refills, etc., that can be found randomly in the grid, along with new UI elements to see how many you’ve got of each, and new keyboard/mouse commands to consume the items
  • add gold loot to the cell after an insect is killed, and a whole new shop/inventory screen to spend your gold and upgrade your weapons and armor/clothing
  • randomized rogue-like multi-room levels, including a down staircase in one room, so you can further invade the monsters’ lair, and take the fight underground!

Is it worth spending the time to implement these features?

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