Don’t Bug Me!

Now that the GrudgeMatch demo is as done as we’re going to make it without funding, I’ve begun working on “other projects” again.  This includes a new song release on my music site, as well as continued game development work.  Recently, I’ve kicked off a new “even smaller” all-new game development project.  I’m calling it “Don’t Bug Me!”

While my goal is still to release my longer term projects (CyberGhost and Arcanoria), I’ve found that I keep running into technical and creative roadblocks, and need to explore “simpler” projects in order to work out some of these issues, in preparation for the larger projects.  In the spirit of simplification, I’m trying to focus on learning how to release smaller games.  I’m thinking of this as a “game in a month” project.  I’ve got no experience with releasing a game yet!  Hopefully, if I keep making my ideas smaller and smaller, I’ll eventually hit upon something I can finish, and then work from there. 🙂

Anyway, here’s a sneak peek at a reeeeally early pre-pre-alpha prototype (more of a partial tech demo at this point) of “Don’t Bug Me!”

early prototype screenshot of Don't Bug Me!
early prototype screenshot of Don’t Bug Me!


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