Still here!

Sorry for the lack of updates.  It’s been 11 months since my last confession… er, I mean blog post!  It’s been an eventful 11 months, but I’ll share some quick highlights.

  • CyberGhost is still in process, but on the back burner.  I shelved it for…
  • Started developing an MMORPG game kit called “WRKit“, shorthand for “Walt’s RPG Kit”.  This was begun last summer, and was intended as a more generic solution to RPG game templates, and would have helped with CyberGhost if I’d finished it.  Trouble was I’d also wanted to include networking capability so it could handle online games.  This was going pretty well for a while, until I realized how much support I would have to offer to anyone adopting my kit.  And since that prospect didn’t appeal to me, I scrapped it.
  • After that, I waffled briefly about going back to CyberGhost development (which I do still intend to get back to, but not yet…).  I decided instead to go back to my primary genre of medieval fantasy, and re-started working on Arcanoria, but not as an MMORPG.  Instead I began working on a single-player RPG version of Arcanoria.  Made some decent progress creating terrains and water.  Was hoping to get something released by end of year 2014.  Didn’t quite get it playable, and was disappointed again.
  • Stopped doing game dev entirely for 2 months in January and February 2015, and focused on my music.  I managed to release my first electronic music album!  The album title is Cerulean Sojourn.  Check it out here if you’re interested:
  • In the last few weeks, I’ve been working with my old friend Dave Young ( ) on a new project, called Grudge Match.  This project has some HUGE possibilities, including a linked TV show!  Here’s a promo video (which I helped to edit) about the project.  More to come about that in future blog posts.

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