Diving In

The upcoming Arcanoria online RPG continues to take shape.  Arcanoria will have a server-based persistent world.  I’m going to roll it out in stages, so as not to totally overwhelm myself.  I’ve purchased quite a few assets on the Unity Asset Store and elsewhere, including models, editors and tools, visual FX, various code packages, and more.  Integration of all these different assets into a cohesive game project is the real trick though, as anyone who’s done something like this before can attest.  Shiny marketing videos make everything seem plug-and-play, but somehow it’s just never quite that simple.

I’m excited though, because I’m really looking forward to finally diving in and using a lot of the long archived RPG stuff we developed years back for the original Arcanoria MMORPG project.  Stuff like character templates, archetype descriptions, skills and level progression charts, back stories, maps, names, quests, and more.  It wasn’t all complete of course, and there’s still some gaps to fill in, but it’s going to be a great head start for the new (MUCH smaller) online Arcanoria RPG.

One more thing I want to mention is that I’ve updated the Music page here on this site, which now shows a sample of 12 of our original music pieces which might be suitable for various kinds of games.  If there’s enough interest I may wind up putting together a package for sale on the Unity Asset Store, but for now I’m focused on making the Arcanoria game happen.

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