New Game In Development: Arcanoria Chronicles

Over the last few weeks, I’ve begun working on a smaller implementation of our huge flagship MMORPG, Arcanoria.  The new game (entitled Arcanoria Chronicles) will have a much smaller technical scope than the massive online game, obviously, but I’ll be exploring and expanding the Arcanoria backstory and mythos, as well as trying out some ideas for character customization and development.  We’re planning to develop this new project in multiple stages.


Arcanoria Chronicles is a single player medieval fantasy RPG, focusing on storytelling and character development.

The game is still in early development, and is not yet available for public play testing. Expected release of a preliminary version (with more limited backstory implementation) in September 2015.


  • Deep backstory and cast, with subplots and intrigue.
  • Randomized/parameterized cave dungeon level generation, offering unique challenges.
  • Character customization and development.
  • Custom quest and interaction system.
  • Original music, custom written for this game by Walt Collins.

Here’s a short video showing early versions of the quest/interaction system, and the randomized cave dungeon.

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