Total Rewrite Well Underway

Oh, didn’t I mention?  Sorry about that!  Yeah, the old code has been scrapped and replaced with… newer, shorter, (hopefully) more efficient code, for both client and server.  Gotta admit I’m learning as I go along, so this whole thing is an evolving process.  And I’ve been really terrible about blogging.  I can’t possibly catch you all up with everything that’s happened, but here are some recent highlights:

  • Took a bit of a detour into some Android app development.  It was a good learning experience!  Even though Arcanoria is a PC standalone project.
  • Updates to plugins NGUI, Xffect, uLink, not to mention Unity.
  • Added log4net and UnityVS for easier development debugging.  They are both helping quite a bit.
  • Communications encryption for security, using Public/Private key methods.
  • Continued commits to Mercurial, which is working great.
  • Lots of UI development, including replacing all fonts with legitimately free-to-use ones (mostly from Kingthings).
  • Since the “Tork” font (which isn’t free for commercial deployment) was in the old Arcanoria logo, we’ve created a new one (using a free font), as you can see below on the login screen.
  • Got the “Loading room” and login sequence mostly working, although the avatars themselves are still missing (and will require some thought on implementation).

Anyway, here are a couple of quick screenshots.

client login screen 20140127 client loading room 20140127

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