Arcanoria Chronicles Chapter 1 - Inventory UI - 2015-10-15_8-02-29Arcanoria Chronicles will be a series of single player medieval fantasy RPGs, focusing on storytelling and character development.

The first chapter will be called Arcanoria Chronicles – Chapter 1: Early Adventures of Elora Smyth.

The first chapter is officially on the back burner. It is still in early development, and is not yet available for public play testing.


  • Deep backstory and cast, with subplots and intrigue.
  • Randomized/parameterized cave dungeon level generation, offering unique challenges.
  • Character customization and development.
  • Custom quest and interaction system.
  • Original music, custom written for this game by Walt Collins.

map - Fairmont Range

Old interaction screen (prior to adoption of Pixel Crushers Dialogue System):

Arcanoria Chronicles 2015-08-27_16-36-16